General information: the greatest benefits to be gained from training on
machines "cardio" is at cardiovascular.
• Reduction in blood pressure.
• Increase in stroke volume at rest and during exercise.
• Increase in aerobic capacity.
• Increase the number of mitochondria (the organs that the oxidation of fat), the Their size and their efficiency. Consequent increase in the ability to mobilization and utilization of fat.

• Reduction of the clinical symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression.
• Reduction of cardiovascular risk in patients with cardiovascular trauma.
If your goal is a weight loss, know that the calories you consume on these machines affect very little about your body fat. For example, 200 kcal. Correspond to 21.5 grams of
Fat: slight compared with the time and energy that you have lavished!
Prof. Enrico Arcelli formula to calculate the grams of fat consumed during the race:
(Body weight x km traveled) / 20. Example: a 70 kg. Which runs 10 kms. to
good pace (11 -12 km. / h) 35 grams of fat burning. A teaspoon of olive oil corresponds to 10 grams of fat.
Sweating serves to maintain constant body temperature and weight loss. Sweating contains water, which should be immediately reinstated, and not fat.
Contraindications: An overdose can cause the following side effects.


• Increase in the formation of free radicals (= lowered immunity, aging ...).
• Increase of cortisol (a hormone catabolize)
• Decrease in testosterone (anabolic hormone)
• No change in GH (growth hormone)
• Decrease in muscle strength.
• Decrease or no change in lean body mass.


500 more grams of muscle burns about 53 calories. more each day, every day,even 
at rest!


Know that controlled diet is important for the achievement of objectives.
We recommend that you make an appointment with an instructor for an analysis of your
body composition and to build with him a good training program
balanced between aerobic work and weights. You can also have useful information about a program
food properly.


1. Wear body belts with rubber or plastic suits help you lose weight.

FALSE: lose only water that you will recover soon and more protospore your body to a dangerous heat stress, causing him to a super job.

2. For cellulite, you have to drink a little water.

 FALSE: on the contrary, two liters of water per day help to limit the phenomenon of cellulite.

3. To bring down the belly to just make a lot of abdominal.

 FALSE: it is impossible to lose weight so only in an area of ​​the body.

4. Just diet to lose weight.

 TRUE AND FALSE: you can only lose weight on a diet, but it is also true that the results are more lasting and better (in terms of body composition) if combined with exercise.

5. Only the activities of "endurance" helps you lose weight.

TRUE AND FALSE: It is true that aerobic activity is more effective and targeted
consume fat, but it is also true that with an overload of toning up the
metabolism and improves all the results.

6. To lose weight you must take at least 20 or 30 minutes of aerobic activity.

FALSE: It is true that the longer the duration of the exercise, the greater the contribution of fat to metabolism. Edwards et al. made a memorandum in this regard as the end of a period of
exercise of 6 hours, about 90% of the energy could be attributed to oxidation of fats.
During the terminal stages of the year were oxidized about 62 g. fat for now equal to 574
kcal (a negligible amount in proportion to the effort made, think about how little fat
can burn in proportion to a customer of a fitness center for an hour of aerobics!).
The misunderstanding arises from the fact that 20-30 minutes under normal conditions the time that elapses
between the start of the year and the appearance of a significant elevation of plasma acid's
fat is 20-30 minutes (this does not mean less time at higher intensities, adequate
to the state of the shape of the subject, not help the improvement of metabolism, of the physical form in general and thus weight loss)

7. To lose weight you have to work to 65% of maximum heart rate.

FALSE: According to this logic, we should only consume fat to rest or almost!
However, do not confuse the% of calories from total calories (example: 50% of 100 cal.Has less than 25% of 300).

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